Hillsdale is a place where YOU can be involved!

For newcomers, becoming part of a small group or service ministry gives them a chance to decide whether this is a church they want to call “home.”  For members and regular attendees, experiencing the power of personal relationships and hands-on action is transforming their lives as they become more deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Many discipleship and service groups are “in action” at Hillsdale!

What does it mean to serve?

One of the most valuable ways to serve others is to show them that we care. Giving our time and encouragement to someone will often be more valuable than even the most generous gift.  

Serving Within the Church

It takes a large group of folks to keep our church running smoothly.  There are many weekly tasks where someone is needed to serve.  Below are just a few key areas to serve within the church.

Serving Outside the Church

Manna Meals - Soup Trailer Ministry

Our Manna Meals Soup Trailer Ministry began in March 2009 with a trip to Mocksville to serve nutritious hot soup to anyone who wanted it. Our first stop was at A Storehouse for Jesus on a Wednesday afternoon. In an effort to reach more people, we now serve delicious homemade soup , lemonade, bread, apples and a packet of gummy bears to hundreds of hungry people each week. Soup Volunteers cook, pack, serve, clean up and haul the soup trailer with our church van.

Our current soup routes are on Sunday & Thursday evenings and Wednesday & Saturday mornings to locations in Davie and Forsyth Counties.  We deliver more than 30,000 bowls of soup annually.

Contact Alan Miller to get involved!

Heavenly Bags - Weekend Food Ministry

We pack and deliver “Weekend Heavenly Bags” every week for hungry people in Davie County. The paper bags are filled with nutritious dry and canned food, bread and fruit.

We gather each Thursday at 4pm to pack bags of food, “assembly line style.” It’s great fun and fellowship for the whole family, please join us!

On Fridays at 4pm, rain or shine, we pack up the church bus with all the Heavenly Bags, youth and adult leaders and deliver to Mocksville area neighborhoods.

We deliver over 7,800 bags of food annually.

Contact Lori Barr  to get involved!

Bethesda Center for the Homeless

Located in Winston-Salem, NC,  the Bethesda Center for the Homeless is an outreach ministry offering shelter and support to homeless men and women, leading to independent living. Through Bethesda’s case management team, everyone has an opportunity for mental and physical health care, job training, education and even their own housing.

3-D: Dessert, Devotion, Dialogue – HUMC small groups bring dessert, a brief devotion (sharing a message of hope) and dialogue (prayer or time of sharing) to participating homeless men and women at Bethesda on the 3rd Sunday of each month. We meet at the church at 5:15pm, usually returning at the church by 9:00 pm. Coordinating this ministry is Ricky Jones.

Life Groups

Throughout Church history, Christians have gathered in small groups to grow in their faith, serve the community and develop friendships. Here at Hillsdale, we call this LifeGroups: Doing Life Together. There are many opportunities to join a LifeGroup at Hillsdale Church starting now! Each group is unique in their focus and structure, however all groups are committed to Living, Growing and Serving together. All you have to do is click on the highlighted name in the group descriptions on these pages to email the LifeGroup leader to find out more information,  and to begin your journey!

Live Together

Serve Together

Grow Together